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Quality Fiberglass and Plastic Display Mannequins

Quality Fiberglass and Plastic Display Mannequins Same Day* Dispatch and Fast Delivery Australia Wide!

Despite the fact that most of our clients are shop owners and shop fitters we also sell our Mannequins to artists, tailors, dressmakers, windowdressers.

Shop mannequins are derived from dress forms used by fashion houses for dress making. The use of mannequins originated in the 15th century, when miniature "milliners' mannequins" were used to demonstrate fashions for customers.[1] Full-scale, wickerwork mannequins came into use in the mid-18th century.[1] Wirework mannequins were manufactured in Paris from 1835.[1]

The first fashion mannequins, made of papier-mâché, were made in France in the mid-19th century.[1] Mannequins were later made of wax to produce a more lifelike appearance. In the 1920s, wax was supplanted by a more durable composite made with plaster.[1]


Modern day mannequins are made from a variety of materials, the primary ones being fiberglass and plastic. The fiberglass mannequins are usually more expensive than the plastic ones, tend to be not as durable, but are significantly more impressive and realistic. Plastic mannequins, on the other hand, are a relatively new innovation in the mannequin field and are built to withstand the hustle of customer foot traffic usually witnessed in the store they are placed in.[1]

Mannequins are used primarily by retail stores as in-store displays or window decoration. However, many online sellers also use them to display their products for their product photos (as opposed to using a live model).[1] There is a great article by  Thomas Kragelund which is called “Ghost Mannequin Photography: A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering the 3D Effect” which will demonstrate how you can use your Mannequin to create attractive photos for your online store.



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