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Why use clothes steamers?


  • Steaming is safe: it is gentle on fabrics – it relaxes them, and will not scorch or shine fabrics
  • As garments are steamed hanging, you often get better results than with an iron
  • It saves time – much faster than ironing.
  • Steam Kills Dust Mites – reportedly steaming is the only method of house dust mite control that combines effective killing of mites and substantial reduction in allergen concentrations within a single system.


Jiffy Steamers:

  • The Jiffy Steamer Company is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of garment steamers and steamer equipment.
  • Jiffy Steamers are commercial grade and manufactured with only the finest quality components.
  •  A Jiffy Steamer is up to five times faster than traditional ironing and safe for all fabrics, wiping away wrinkles quickly and easily with a strong, continuous flow of steam.
  • Jiffy Steamer – the original steamer. Made in the USA since 1940. Used globally ever since.

Propress Steamers:

  • Heavy duty commercial clothes Steamer, with powerful steam and unique light weight alloy nozzle doubling up as a low temperature iron and enhancing the results of the steam. 
  • 21st century design,
  • Greater stability and mobility – easy to move around the shop floor, almost impossible to topple over. 5 m long cord for greater reach,
  • Reliability: auto cut out, buzzer when empty, unique safety pressure release valve. One Propress Steamer in a Melbourne shop was replaced after 24 years of use!
  • Tests have showed that Propress is twice as fast as any other steamer. This has been confirmed by many people who have tried other Steamers
  • Made in UK