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Organise your Odds and Ends

Slatbox in store

Does your business require small parts or components?  Is your workbench covered in piles of small accessories?  Do you struggle to find that one part you need right now and you’re sure it’s “around here somewhere”?

Maybe it’s time to get organized.

And maybe Storbox can help.  Whether you’re arranging nuts, bolts, and washers; buttons; badges; sinkers and hooks; or beads and craft supplies, you can easily build a storage system that will suit your needs.

slatbox for garage

Featuring a wide variety of sizes and styles, Storbox boxes are durable and strong with a load bearing capacity of up to 30kg (depending on the particular box style).  They are versatile, featuring lock-in box dividers to further increase your storage options and will mount easily on Slatwall, Slatgrid, Pegboard, or Gridmesh panels.  Not only can you customise your Storbox layout, you can effortlessly swap and change the configuration as your needs evolve.

Slatbox in pegboard

The Storbox system is just as capable in the mechanic’s workshop as it is in the costume designer’s studio.  Build your own Storbox dream storage system to improve your organisation, efficiency, and accuracy.

Storbox on Slatwall

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